Template:Season The 10th Year of Chris Stark's time at the Tap End

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Chris' local team "The Pinstars" gained a new sponsor and kit by The Middlesex Machines although this would cause humour among the spectators with one parent singing James Brown. When England lost to Argentina in 1998, Chris cried and wrote a poem in his Diary

A Winning Goal is everyone's aim
It doesn't matter how you score it
Whether it's from the half-way line or a tap-in in the box
It's a goal, and that's all that matters
Whether it's at the beginning or at the end of the game
Just as long as you score
If life was like a football match, think what would be your winning goal
So keep on scoring til the end of your life
And remember as well as yourself you have helped your team
Some get rewarded
Some don't
Some people try but don't always succeed
It doesn't matter though how much you get rewarded
All that matters is that you scored your winning goal (The Winning Goal)

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The Winning Goal

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  • Chris wrote the Poem on July 7th, 1998

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