Template:Season The 12th Year of Chris Stark's time at the Tap End

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Chris' first trip without his family was a school visit to Swanage whilst staying a Hostel near Perbeck, his teacher allowed the pupils to pick their bunk mates and Chris along with six other lads made a pact to stay up all night throughout the trip. He secured a top bunk as one of the lads "had a previous for wetting the bed" and under the orders of the teachers, were instructed to sleep at lights out, threatened punishment for misbehaviour and not to spray deodorant due to the easily manipulated fire alarms. One of Chris' bunkmates, Johnny, sprayed Lynx Africa into the Alarm one night which lead to the Hostel being evacuated. On the last night a Disco was organised but due to nobody wanting to dance, Chris enjoyed Panda Pops and skidding along the floor whilst "Three Lions" was being played. (Swanage Field Trip)

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Swanage Field Trip

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  • Chris believed that the teachers were lying about the fire alarms and they didn't want the kids to wear deodorant.
  • When the Headteacher questioned Chris and the other lads about the evacuation, he compared it to "Hairdrying" - a term when Football Managers discipline their players.

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