Template:Season The 7th Year of Chris Stark's time at the Tap End

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Chris joined local football team "The Pinstars" where he would spend the majority of his youth playing with. They would play against rival club Pinner United, despite this, they did have respect for one another due to the players from both sides attending the same School. Training on a Saturday with the main game on Sunday with clubs from North West London which they would lose more than win because of twins who would fight each other, their team captain Charlie who would cry when the team were losing and the proclaimed star Striker having a fear of heading the ball. Chris' own skill and mentality was deemed similar to that of Stuart Pearce and was given the nickname Psycho by his Manager(The Winning Goal)

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The Winning Goal

Trivia Edit

  • Chris compared the two rival teams to "West Side Story" - he's never seen the Musical "but I roughly know the plot... I think, so I imagine the situation was like West Side Story"
  • Chris played left-back and on occasion left-midfield.

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